Purveyors of liquor soaked pickles and classic brines

'Frankie Yale' the infamous 1920's bootlegger is better known for smuggling Canadian booze into New York and lesser known for his appreciation of fine pickles. Rumor has it that his brined beauties were a front for his liquor business. We tip our hat to the man and the myth with our signature liquor-soaked pickles and classic brines.

Hand-pickled in the USA using the finest of brines, these beauties are begging to hitch a ride on your burger or get cosy with your next cheeseboard. Frankie's pickles are all natural, gluten free and vegan, and come in three lip-smackingly tasty flavours, sure to win over the pickiest of pickle eaters.

Whiskey Pickle

There's no muckin' about with this pickle. It's straight up in your face flavour from the first bite. Bathed in glorious whiskey and packing a respectable amount of Habanero heat and smoky chipotle under its belt - Finally a pickle with plenty of punch to up your bbq game.

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Gin Pickle

The king pin of pickles - this fella is bathed in gin brine with hints of juniper, rosemary and a touch of jalapeno spice for good measure. Unleash a spear or two into your next bloody mary or splash some brine into your dirty martini for some serious pickle-tipple swagger.

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New York Deli

The city of pickles wouldn't be complete without the New York deli. Handmade the traditional way, this old faithful from the block is as natural as it is lipsmackingly tasty. Upgrade your sandwich side-kick or
show your cheeseboard who's boss.

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Sweet Fire

She's the spicy cousin to the bread & butter pickle and she means business. Subtle on the sweet side but with a surprising kick of mouth-watering habanero heat - this brined beauty brings a bit of bang to your next epic burger.

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